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We have been selling camera and video equipment in Japan.
We have also been dealing with underwater photo gear since 1991. Our business has since grown to become the specialized dealer of underwater still and video equipment located in Japan.We are happy that we can offer superior items selected by our experience and proffesionals or my trustable customers. We now trade worldwide and have many happy customers in all over the world. Any questions to us, please feel free to 'Contact us' anytime.
Since 2017 April,
We move our office from previous place to Tokyo, Shinjuku.
And I am " Archer " whom running this internet site mainly now.
Very nice to see you this time!   

Important notice about shipping
Lithium ion batteries are considered a hazardous material and as such are not allowed to be sent by international mail. (EMS) This is the IATA rules on dangerous materials rule, and it applies also for digital camera lithium-ion batteries. So if your ordered item is applied this rule, we may ask to change shipping method. Thank you for your understanding. (2010.Jan)

Featured products

INON LF800-N LED-Flashlight
Powerful Spotlight Aims Pinpoint Narrow 5 Beam Watertight Flashlight.
Maximum 800 lumen and 5 degree coverage. Unique optical system effectively condenses spread beam generated by the LED chip to produce super narrow beam with sharp-cut. In addition to general use on land or dive light underwater, this product is best suited as a pointer for a dive guide, searchlight in poor visibility or powerful constant lighting source for photography/videography.

Our price: 27800.00JPY (US$275.78)
Quantity Out of stock
Deffuser ring for OLYMPUS PT-056
Ring type diffuser for PT056 housing.
You can use super macro mode of TG4 camera like using LED ring light on land.

Our price: 11800.00JPY (US$117.06)
Quantity Out of stock
OLYMPUS PT-EP13 housing for OM-D E-M5 Mark-II
The PT-EP13 underwater case has been specially customised for Olympus OM-D E-M5 Mark-II and is waterproof up to a water pressure equivalent to a depth of 40 metres.
Available Now on sale,

Our price: 99800.00JPY (US$990.02)
FIT LED 2500WSR/Flare Flash Light
Very unique and high cost performance compact LED light.Equipped with three type unique high intensity LED+ UV (365 nm) , for wide angle, for spot and Red LED diodes, emitting 2500 lumen and each three steps power control. From center to edge, uniform wide beam without waves or hotspots. Excellent for digital camera, video and general diving applications.

Our price: 43800.00JPY (US$434.50)
Out of stock
INON UWL-S100 ZM80 Lens
Max . view angle 100.0˚ underwater and 179.8˚ on land.
Underwater wet wide conversion lens to use with zooming for a wide digital camera which is wider than 28mm and super zoom camera with long lens extension like Canon G series or panasonic TZ series cameras.

Our price: 29800.00JPY (US$295.62)