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INON D-2000 Strobe ( Type 4)
Next generation high functionality for digital year, Underwater strobe for proffesional use.

Our price: JPY 49800.00 (JPY 49800.00)
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INON D200 Strobe
Wide, Light Weight, Super Midrange Underwater Strobe

Our price: JPY 56800.00 (JPY 56800.00)
INON S-2000 Strobe
Marvelous compact size strobe (W64H83.1D106.2mm) INON S-2000.
Best match to compact digital camera as well as to digital SLR with its mobility without feeling existence of an external strobe, unspeakable compact body size even using dual S-2000 and well-selected high performance.

Our price: JPY 38000.00 (JPY 38000.00)
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INON Z-330 Strobe
Flagship Underwater Strobe with Wide and Powerful Light

Our price: JPY 66310.00 (JPY 66310.00)
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Manual Sticker D/Z for INON Z240 or D2000
This sticker helps you with its simple power setting indication when shooing in Manual mode either D-2000 series or Z-240 strobe. The sticker shows Manual power out put only in eye-friendly letters together with tapered arc for intuitive operation. It is easy to read in dark area or night dive thanks to luminous paint.

Our price: JPY 200.00 (JPY 200.00)
Snoot Set for Z-240/D-2000
The INON Snoot Set for Z-240/D-2000 is an accessory for the INON 「Z-240」,「D-2000W」,「D-2000Wn」,「D-2000」,「D-2000S」,「D-180」,「D-180S」,「Z-220F」,「Z-220S」,「Z-220」 to change beam angle.

Our price: JPY 20800.00 (JPY 20800.00)