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INON LE700 Type2 light (S or W)
The INON LE700 is equipped with CREE XM-L2 T6 LED providing 700 lumen with compact body size 194.6mm(L) x 33.7mm (max. diameter). Very compact light, but it has enough performance as the movie light. S is spot light model but it has 30 degrees angle beam, W is wide type and it has 75 degrees angle beam.

Our price: JPY 16800.00 (JPY 16800.00)
INON LF800-N LED-Flashlight
Powerful Spotlight Aims Pinpoint Narrow 5 Beam Watertight Flashlight.
Maximum 800 lumen and 5 degree coverage. Unique optical system effectively condenses spread beam generated by the LED chip to produce super narrow beam with sharp-cut. In addition to general use on land or dive light underwater, this product is best suited as a pointer for a dive guide, searchlight in poor visibility or powerful constant lighting source for photography/videography.

Our price: JPY 27800.00 (JPY 27800.00)
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