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Semi-order made housings ,seatool1 is now "Recsea"


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14-45mm zoom lens port w/ exclusive zooming gear
Panasonic 14-45mm zoom lens port and zooming gear set for GF1/GF2 housing

Our price: JPY 46000.00 (JPY 46000.00)
67mm lens mount adapter for GF1/GF2 ports
67mm lens mount adapter for 14-45 port or 45mm macro port.
You can attach 67mm screw type close up lenses with GF1/GF2 14-45mm port

Our price: JPY 8000.00 (JPY 8000.00)
7-14mm zoom lens port w/ exclusive zooming gear
Panasonic 7-14mm zoom lens port (glass dome)and zooming gear set for GF1 housing

Our price: JPY 96000.00 (JPY 96000.00)
Recsea GF2 housing
Recsea bland is the new name of "Seatool one" , you can find some special housings which are not supplied from camera makers. like Panasonic DSLR or Pentax, Sigma etc.

Our price: JPY 128000.00 (JPY 128000.00)
Out of stock
Recsea W-grip tray Set
Recsea W-grip tray Set STC-05WLH
W-grip tray for Recsea housing,etc. This grip tray is good for middle size housings like GF-1 housing or FIX G11 housing. Two ball joints comes with the grip.

Our price: JPY 25800.00 (JPY 25800.00)
Seatool Ball Joint Base M10
M10 screw type ball joint. Ball diameter is 1inch type.

Our price: JPY 3800.00 (JPY 3800.00)